Dutch has been Hope College's official mascot since 2006. He is the personification of a familiar nickname, and he has endeared himself to the Hope and Holland communities.

Appearances by Dutch

If you would like to have Dutch make an appearance at your Hope-sponsored event, please review the request requirements below and fill out the online reservation form. If you have any questions, contact our mascot coordinator at dutch@hope.edu.

  • All mascot appearances must be requested through our online form
  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of the actual appearance/event date to be considered.
  • Please no phone calls.
  • Dutch appearances are limited to Hope College-sponsored events.
  • Because of the time demands on our students and their availability, we cannot guarantee that each requested appearance will be fulfilled; priority will be given to athletic and campus department appearances.

If Dutch is able to appear at your event, you will receive an email confirmation from the Mascot Coordinator within five days of the event date (or earlier if possible). At that time we will confirm the date, time and location of your event, as well as give you the name and contact information for the student who will be the handler for Dutch at the event.

If Dutch is not able to make an appearance at your event, you will be notified via email in the same timeframe (earlier if possible). We do our best to fill all requests, but please keep in mind that these are all student volunteers.

We, Hope College, reserve the right to refuse any appearance request.

  • The mascot must receive two 10-minute breaks per hour.
  • Water must be available to the mascot throughout the event.
  • If the event is off-campus, a separate changing area must be available to the mascot before and after the event. The area must be a secure place where the mascot can leave personal belongings. While changing, the mascot cannot be visible to the public. The changing area cannot be a bathroom.
  • Dutch does not talk. No exceptions.
  • The mascot suits are the property of Hope College and are neither rented to the general public under any circumstances nor worn by anybody other than the students who are on the current student mascot team.

Dutch signature