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Alpha Kappa Pi

The men of the Alpha Kappa Pi fraternity

Quick Facts

  • Letters – ΑΚΠ
  • Nickname – Promies
  • Motto – Academics, Faith, Brotherhood
  • Colors – Purple and white
  • Founding Year – 1996


In 1996, a group of tightly knit men from Voorhees Hall shared a common bond of academic strength and brotherhood and started Alpha Kappa Pi, the Promethean fraternity. Unfortunately, in 2002, the Prometheans had to close the chapter due to dwindling numbers on campus.

Ten years later, in May 2012, Alpha Kappa Pi was reopened. The brothers of Wyckoff Hall chose to take their bond to another level and restart the fraternity. Being one of the youngest and newest fraternities on campus, the brothers of Alpha Kappa Pi are looking forward to making history of their own, leaving a unique mark on the Hope community.


I believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost; I believe in the importance of my education and using it in the real world; I believe in strengthening my own family through my faith in Christ; I believe in strengthening our family through my faith in my brothers; As a brother of Alpha Kappa Pi I will bestow my greatest confidence in my brothers, love to my neighbors, and kindness to strangers; I believe in the pursuit of a way of life that will better not only myself and those around me, but also all brothers and sisters in Christ; I believe in the Promethean hierarchy of God, Hope, my family and our family; I believe that partaking in this unique brotherhood will mold me to be the best human I can be; To whom much is given, much is expected. I am given much by having the privilege of attending Hope College and I believe that it is my civil duty to give back to the community of Hope and the community of Holland; Therefore I believe in Promethean.