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Alpha Theta Chi

The men of the Alpha Theta Chi fraternity

Quick Facts

  • Letters – ΑΘΧ
  • Nickname – Cents
  • Motto – The strength of brotherhood is the unity of diversity
  • Colors – Red, black, and white
  • Founding Year – 1966
  • Sister Sorority – Kappa Beta Phi (Dorian)


In the spring of 1966, following spring rush for the five existing fraternities, many men were turned down due to limited openings. Paul Verdin, a junior, proposed the creation of a new fraternity for the college, providing space for more men to belong and take an active role in life at Hope. On April 19, the Student Life Committee approved the fraternity’s proposed constitution, and Paul Verdin was elected as the first president.

The original members chose the Greek letters Phi Delta Chi, representing the goals of Brotherhood, Service and Character. In addition, the men voted to adopt Centurian as the fraternity’s campus name, due to the fact that they were founded in 1966, the centennial year of Hope College. Unfortunately, the members soon learned that Phi Delta Chi was a national fraternity and that the Greek letters were protected against use by other organizations. In January of 1967, they voted to adopt the Greek letters Alpha Theta Chi.

Due to a lack of members in the 1980–1981 academic year, Alpha Theta Chi ceased to exist at Hope. However, the Centurian Fraternity saw its formal rebirth in 1986. In spring 1992 the Kappa Beta Phi sorority and the Centurians were united as brothers and sisters. Today the men of Alpha Theta Chi continue to uphold the values of brotherhood, service and character.