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Theta Gamma Pi

The women of the Theta Gamma Pi sorority

Quick Facts

  • Letters – ΘΓΠ
  • Nickname – Thetas
  • Motto – Unity, Respect and Sisterhood
  • Colors – Scarlet and gray (formal); Teal and gray (informal)
  • Founding Year – 2010


In the 1950s, the organization at Hope College known as Theta Gamma Pi disbanded. In 2010, a group of girls interested in creating a multicultural sorority immersed in diversity recreated Theta Gamma Pi, also known as the Thesaurian sorority, with a refreshed mission and purpose: a multicultural sisterhood that will be active in the community through leadership and service. While upholding respect for our own unique differences, we will work to educate our fellow students to ultimately promote the growth of diversity on campus.

Ever since, Theta has only been growing and increasing our impact on campus. As a small and new organization, room for personal growth and contributions to the organization is tremendous.

Most of all, we are a diverse sisterhood that upholds and encourages our members to be the most empowered and ambitious women that readily engage in actions promoting social change.


We believe in being a sisterhood that offers a well of support and strength. We believe in striving for high academic achievement. We believe in leadership and service. We believe in respecting ourselves, our sisterhood and our community through our words and actions. We believe in loyalty to our sisterhood. We believe in fostering genuine relationships. We believe in diversity of faith. We believe in celebrating diversity by embracing and acknowledging our identities not only as women but as individuals. We, Theta Gamma Pi, have founded our sorority on these principles and we will enrich our community through sharing the value of our diverse backgrounds.