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Engineers Without Borders

EWB-Hope is a student-led interdisciplinary organization that partners with communities through engineering projects which seek to meet their basic human needs.

We are an official college chapter of Engineers Without Borders USA. We first partnered with a community in Cameroon with the goal of providing a clean water source. After achieving this through implementation of bio-sand filters and a water diversion and distribution system, the chapter started a new partnership with a community in Bondo, Kenya. We are currently in the Implementation Phase of the project.

  • Woman getting water from well in Cameroon.A women gets water from a well, which was built in partnership with Engineers Without Borders.1/3
  • Boys getting water from a well in Cameroon.Boys collect water from a well, which was built in partnership with Engineers Without Borders.2/3
  • Engineering students in KenyaHope Engineering students work with Kenyan community members to bring water to a village.3/3

Our goal is to establish a clean and sustainable water source for the community members. Bondo, with a population of approximately 500, is located in the southwest corner of Kenya near Migori. This community of sustenance farmers only has access to seasonal surface water pits which are highly contaminated with fecal coliform. Because of this, residents walk 1–3 hours every day to meet their water needs.

Students from the EWB chapter have traveled to Bondo twice in order to fully understand the needs of the community. In partnership with the community, it has been determined that a deep well and one rainwater catchment system will best achieve the goal of providing sustainable water year round. Over the next three years, EWB will travel to Bondo, Kenya, three times to make these solutions a reality.