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Become a Peer Educator

STEP educators facilitate interactive workshops and organize events across campus.

Workshops are designed to:

  1. Create an awareness of the definition and dynamics of sexual assault and relationship violence
  2. Encourage healthy relationships
  3. Promote becoming an active bystander
  4. Provide tools students can use to establish an intolerance of sexual assault, relationships violence and stalking on campus

STEP educators will also assist with the planning of a variety of campus-wide events and activities to increase awareness, educate members of campus and foster a safe and supportive college community.

  1. Sincere desire to increase personal knowledge and understanding of the prevalence of forms of interpersonal violence on college campuses and its impact on affected students.
  2. Enthusiasm, initiative and leadership potential.
  3. Strong communication and presentation skills.
  4. Minimum of 2.5 cumulative grade point average. First-year students will be selected on a probationary basis until their fall semester GPA can be verified.
  5. Ability to commit to the STEP program for a minimum of one year. Peer educators will be trained throughout the spring semester, and they will begin facilitating presentations the following fall semester.
  6. Willingness to participate in the 25–30 hour training program.
  7. Willingness to devote, at minimum, six hours of direct participation to STEP each semester. These participation hours include facilitating presentations, assisting with organizing events, representing STEP at informational tables, etc. STEP educators are also required to attend monthly group meetings throughout the school year.
  8. Willingness to be involved in planning campus initiatives designed to educate students about sexual assault and relationship violence (e.g., The Clothesline Project, Consent Day, It’s On Us Campaign, Sexual Assault Awareness Month activities).

STEP Educators are required to complete approximately 25 hours of training before participating as an active member in the organization. Training topics include:

  • Introduction to STEP
  • Definitions and prevalence of forms of sexual, domestic and gender-based violence
  • Healthy relationships
  • Consent vs. coercion
  • Title IX & Hope College Policy and Procedures
  • Survivor support, campus and community resources, and general helping skills
  • Rape culture, victim blaming and society influence
  • Bystander intervention practice
  • Presentation and facilitation skills
  • Diversity and cultural competency
  • Presentation practice

STEP Educators can look forward to receiving the following skills and knoweldge after completing their intial training during their first spring in STEP:

  • Advanced knowledge of forms of sexual, domestic and gender-based violence and the prevalence of violence in the Hope community and beyond
  • Foundational group facilitation and presentation skills
  • General helping skills and information to assist individuals seeking campus and community resources
  • An understanding of the main tenets of the Hope College Sexual Harassment & Assault Policy
  • The ability to describe the social and cultural factors that promote rape culture and systems of violence on Hope’s campus and in society at large
  • An understanding of STEP vision, mission and goals at Hope College
  • Advanced education and practice of bystander intervention skills
  • An understanding of how they can individually contribute as an active member of STEP
  • Confidence in carrying out the roles and duties of a STEP educator

STEP is always looking for enthusiastic students to join our team! We encourage all students to apply, as raising awareness on these important issues is something that affects everyone on our campus.

To become an active member, a student must apply, go through an interview process and attend our spring semester training. Previous experience with sexual assault and relationship violence prevention and/or crisis response is not necessary, as we will train all selected students extensively.

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