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Support and Advocacy

Your confidential victim advocate on campus is Christian Gibson.

Christian's role is to provide nonjudgmental, private support to student survivors of interpersonal violence. Christian will not release personally identifiable information without your permission. She is specially trained to help students navigate options and services on campus and in the community. 

Additional locations for confidential support on campus include Counseling and Psychological Resources, Campus Ministries and the Health Center.


Christian is available to respond to student survivors of interpersonal violence. She can provide private support over the phone or in person. Available support includes:

  • Referrals to counseling and other supportive services on campus and in the community
  • Education about medical options and procedures, including evidence collection “SANE kits”
  • Information about and referrals to legal advocacy, including Personal Protection Orders
  • Support and assistance in reporting an assault to Hope College Campus Safety, if desired
  • Support and assistance in navigating Hope College Sexual Harassment and Assault Policy and Investigation, if desired
  • Support and assistance in initiating academic, housing, employment or other accommodations
  • Assistance for significant others and friends of victim/survivors of interpersonal violence

Christian is on campus and available:

  • Monday–Thursday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 a.m.–noon

To set up a time to talk with Christian you can email her at gibsonc@hope.edu or call her direct line, 616.395.7800

If it is after hours and you need to speak to someone right away you can contact:


Any Hope College community member can call Christian for victim services or to ask questions about resources. For instance, victims/survivors can call on their own or someone can call on their behalf.

Christian provides private support. This means that talking with Christian does not start a formal judicial or criminal process, unless the individual wants to access those options.

What to expect when you go to meet with Christian:

  1. When you arrive at Student Development for your meeting, you can inform the student employee at the front desk that you are a Hope student here to meet with Christian Gibson. You have control over whether or not you share your name or any other information. You are welcome to bring a friend or partner with you to the meeting.
  2. You will be asked to take a seat and Christian will be notified that you have arrived.
  3. Christian will show you to her office.
  4. Christian will provide empathetic support and options.

We invite all Hope students who have experienced interpersonal violence (e.g., sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, childhood abuse) to join a weekly support group facilitated by a counselor or Christian Gibson.

This group is mindful of the help and support survivors can provide for each other. We support each member, creating an empowering environment where students can learn new coping skills, share their story, be supported and work towards personal goals.

If you are interested in participating, please call 616.395.7945 or come by Counseling and Psychological Services in DeWitt Center to schedule an appointment with the facilitators. You can join the group any time during the academic year.