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Stained Glass Windows of Dimnent Memorial Chapel
  The East  Chancel Window

The Chancel window is above the choir loft on the east wall. The window was a gift of Paul E. Kleinheksel, Frank D. Kleinheksel and John Lewis Kleinheksel in honor of Professor John H. Kleinheksel, Mrs. Anna S. V. R. Kleinheksel and Miss Vera Anna Kleinheksel.









Six trilobe medallions surround a center circular medallion in a floral design at the top of the window (shown right).


The sections above the panels are symbolisms. The I.H.S. is the Greek symbolism for Jesus, Savior of Man. The other symbolism, an X overlaying the letter P are the first two Greek letters of the name of Christ.



There are four scenes from the life of Christ. From left to right: The first shows the shepherds, symbolic of the birth of Christ. The next shows a young Jesus at the temple with Joseph and Mary. The third is a tender scene of Jesus blessing the little children. The last is one of a woman pointing two little children to the Christ.









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