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Stained Glass Windows of Dimnent Memorial Chapel
  North Arcade - Window Two

This window was a gift from Thomas E. Welmers and Mrs. Jennie Waalkes Welmers in memory of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Evert Welmers and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Waalkes.








(left) The Prophet Samuel, as a boy, is shown answering the call of God. He is wearing the silver garment that his mother, Hannah, is said to have made for him. Befitting a king, the garment is tied with a golden girdle and the hem of the skirt is woven with jewels and bound with gold.

(right) The stern-faced Apostle Philip is shown carrying a crossed-staff. In this depiction the artist shows three kinds of grass. It has no particular symbolism, but was merely a way in which the artists thought of decorating in the old European cathedrals.

The symbols, from left to right, are The Holy Bible, The Chalice, and the Winged Torch.





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