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Stained Glass Windows of Dimnent Memorial Chapel
  North Arcade - Window Three

This window was a gift from Jane Keppel Marsilje in memory of Isaac Marsilje.










(left) The Prophet Jeremiah has his hand over his heart, showing submission. The lightning to the left of his head illustrates the storminess of his reign, while the sun to the right portrays God’s calm and forgiveness. Next to his right foot is his crown with three points broken off and under his left foot is an open scroll with the Hebrew letters for “Lamentations.” Above the scroll is a broken bottle, which is typified in the 19th chapter of Jeremiah as Jerusalem’s destruction.

(right) The Apostle Matthew is carrying an open scroll and quill. His facial expression has a very stern and worried appearance, perhaps attempting to portray his demeanor as a tax collector.

The symbols, from left to right, are The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, The Ten Commandments, and The Harp.





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