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Stained Glass Windows of Dimnent Memorial Chapel
  South Arcade - Window Three

This window was a gift from the Hope College Class of 1926.











(left) The Prophet Zachariah is depicted as if in eager expectation. His right hand is slightly raised in an appealing gesture. In his left hand he carries a winged scroll, showing that the contents are to be spread, as if on wings. The three symbols from Zachariah’s prophecy are shown in the little red horseman, the coals of fire to the right of his head, and the four horns to the left.

(right) The Apostle James, son of Alphaeus, has a walking stick which is very long, and attached to the top of it is a water carrier.

The symbols, from left to right, feature The Sheaf of Wheat, The Anchor, and The Lily. The anchor is a symbol of Hope College. It started when Reverend Albertus C. Van Raalte said that founding the Holland Academy, out of which Hope College emerged, was the “Anchor of Hope” for his people.





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