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Stained Glass Windows of Dimnent Memorial Chapel
  South Arcade - Window Five

This window was a gift in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steketee by their children.











(left) The robe worn by the Prophet Ezekiel is in contrast with those worn by others. It is larger, the artist taking his idea from John Sargent’s painting "Frieze of Prophets” (1895). Ezekiel’s hands are folded in petition, for he was an intercessor. Portrayed is a broken wheel as a symbol from his prophesies and a broken pitcher.

(right) Apostle Thomas holds a staff with a carved top. It looks like a surveyor’s staff. On his left arm he carries a carpenter’s square, indicative of his occupation.

The symbols, from left to right, are the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, The Harp, and The Ten Commandments.





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