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Coed Badminton Rules

1. Coed badminton will be played as a doubles sport. You may have up to 6 players on your roster, but only 2 will play at a time, and it must be one male & one female. If playing with more than 2 players, the person will rotate in on their serve (but 1 male/1female must be maintained).

2. The server shall stand with both feet within their service court (different from previous years).

3. All serves must be delivered underhand, and the receiver must stand still until the service is struck. A serve on the boundary line is considered "in".

4. The serve is always struck from the right hand box and must go to the diagonal box of their opponent.

5. A rally is won when a shuttle is hit over the net and onto the floor of the opponent's court in bounds or on the line.

6. A rally is lost if the shuttle is hit into the net, over the net but out of bounds, if the shuttle touches the player's clothing or body, or if the shuttle is hit before it has completely crossed over the net.

7. SCORING: Rally scoring to 21 will be used, and teams must win by 2.

8. Games will consist of a best 2 out of 3 format, with the 3rd game being rally scoring to 15.

9. PROTESTS: All protests must be made in writing and presented to the Dow office according to IM Protest Rules #38-41 in the IM Handbook, pages 12-13.

10. PARTICIPATION RULES: All teams are expected to be dressed and ready to play (lineup properly recorded) at game time.

11. SPORTSMANSHIP RULES: IM Sportsmanship rules will be strictly enforced. Rosters will be checked regularly. Unsportsmanlike action will NOT be tolerated!

  • NO black-soled shoes allowed on the gym floor.
  • One NO SHOW will put your team on probation. Once on probation,
    either one additional no show or one forfeit will remove your
    team from competition.
  • Additional players may be added UP TO game time on the day of your scheduled event. Roster additions forms are on the IM website. E-mail with questions.