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Welcome to the Klesis Website!

The objective of Klesis (which is Greek for "calling" and pronounced klay'-sis) is to nurture students as they discern whether graduate study is part of their calling and, if so, to provide practical preparation for attending graduate school.

Essential features of the porgram:

  • Mentoring in the life of the mind and Christian scholarship
  • Discernment of calling and vocation
  • Preparation for graduate school admission and persistence
@ 2013 Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

"Being a part of the Pew Society provided me with a structured environment to consider questions of calling and vocation within my discipline of psychology. It also connected me with other students and faculty that I might not otherwise would have talked about such weighty matters with. I have no doubt that these experiences shaped my perception of what was possible and helped me to discern my own educational and professional goals." - Lindsey Root Luna, PhD (Hope College, 2003)


Questions? Please contact Prof. Sarah Estelle via email at