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Information for Faculty: Klesis Scholars will engage in a two-year program starting in the fall of their junior year. Remember, Klesis supports the process of exploration and discernment for students.  It is not necessary that nominated student have already stated an interest in or set to work applying to graduate programs.  Rather, in considering appropriate nominees, please ask yourself which junior students you know who could benefit from any of the following essential features of Klesis:

  • Mentoring in the life of the mind and Christian scholarship
  • Discernment of calling and vocation
  • Preparation for graduate school admission and persistence

Since it is the overriding objective of Klesis to nurture students as they discern whether graduate study is part of their calling, Klesis is open to students of all majors and at all stages of vocational exploration. Nominees should include students who might consider careers in higher education, rather than students already firmly committed to “professional degree” programs.