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Klesis Resources

Klesis Scholars engage in a two-year program starting in the fall of their junior year. The chief element of the program is discipline-specific mentoring. The pace and extent of each student’s involvement, and the focus they choose, is up to the student in consultation with his/her Klesis Mentor. While the program is customizable to student interests and needs, Scholars are encouraged to supplement the mentor-mentee relationship with information and experience gathered by way of periodic presentations, workshops, and off-campus excursions provided by the program. For Klesis Scholars who participate in substantive research at the college, the program supports student-faculty collaborative research through student travel grants.

“I have had the pleasure of working with four students formally through Hope's Pew Society. I have enjoyed helping students explore their options and engage in intentional ways the realities that pursuing graduate education can entail. I have helped students discern everything from the types of courses of study they want to pursue to what programs are best for them to apply to, to which professors are doing research they may want to undertake, to how to logistically contact programs, find funding, and understand the differences between masters and PhD programs.” Virginia Beard, PhD (Associate Professor of Political Science)

“As a mentor, being a part of the Pew Society has allowed me to participate in a process I found incredibly useful as a student. While I believed having a mentor was valuable as a student, I have found my experiences as a mentor even more rewarding. Walking with students as they discern their own callings and how their gifts might benefit the discipline of psychology is a blessing. They encourage me to keep asking meaningful questions about vocation in my own life and allow me to see a fresh perspective.” -- Lindsey Root Luna, PhD, Visiting Professor of Psychology (Hope College, 2003)
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