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Welcome to Hope College, on behalf of the Department of Residential Life and Housing, we are very pleased that you have chosen to become a member of our exciting community.

Living on campus is an integral part of your time at Hope. The Residential Life website includes additional information about your Housing application, when to expect your housing assignment, requesting to live with a particular roommate, and much more.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office at 616-395-7800 or by emailing if you have any questions.



The Five Focus Areas & Learning Outcomes

Relationship Skills
Positive human interactions allow those within the Hope community to coexist and work together toward common goals. Through the development of strong relationship skills, members of your community can improve their responses to the needs and feelings of others.

Spiritual Development
Developing an awareness of one’s individual beliefs, values, strengths, passions, feelings, and interests enables a student to discover and reflect on what he or she is good at and how to utilize his or her strengths towards making a difference.

Personal Wellness
Approaching a students’ life from the holistic perspective - including academics, co-curricular activities, work, and social aspects - is essential for aiding the student in developing a healthy lifestyle while at Hope College.

Students must become actively involved leaders within the Hope community by taking advantage of the many opportunities provided by the campus and the city of Holland. As a result of programming in this focus area, residents will become better equipped to act as servant-citizens of their community in ways that are most fitting to them as individuals.

Multicultural Awareness
Demonstrating acceptance and respect for the diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and experiences of all within the Hope community enriches the learning process exponentially. Inclusion practices also promote awareness, collaboration, and the celebration of difference. This continual commitment to increasing one's own awareness around issues of diversity, social justice, and equity is paramount for the development of a safe, respectful, and inclusive Hope community.