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Dykstra Hall

Located at 144 E. 9th Street, Dykstra Hall is named in the honor of Dr. John Dykstra, who served the Central Reformed Church of Grand Rapids for many years. It was built in 1967 to house upperclass women. Today, it primarily houses 265 first year women students. Along with Kollen Hall, Dykstra has the largest number of residence life staff to assist students with the adjustment to college.

Dykstra is set up in clusters, which is unique to only this building. Clusters have common living rooms surrounded by 4 to 8 private rooms (both doubles and triples). Bathrooms usually separate the clusters. This arrangement makes it easy for first year students to create close friendships that will last throughout their Hope experience and then after graduation.

Dykstra Hall has 121 linoleum tiled rooms and can house 265 female students. The 4 to 8 rooms surround a furnished common living area and share a community bathroom. The rooms have long single beds. They also come with desks with chairs, closets and dressers. The windows come with blinds. There is also internet and cable available in each room. An exercise room, laundry room, computer lab, study areas, and lounges are also found in Dykstra.

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Nicole Wilson
Dykstra Hall RLC


Why we love Dykstra Hall:
Dykstra Hall is special for many reasons.  First, we house only first-year women in our hall.  We are also known for our "clusters".  Our hall is designed so that we have 4-8 rooms surrounding a common living area.  The rooms combined with the common area are known as clusters, and we have 20 of them.  Our combination of first-year students and our cluster environment make for a great living experience because everyone starts on equal footing being in a new community, and the cluster space encourages our students to create meaningful friendships throughout the year.