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Application Process

Housing Applications

- As long as your deposit was paid by May 1, Housing applications will be emailed (this will be the email you originally applied to Hope College from)
on May 17, 2013.

- All student whose housing application were submitted by June 10, 2013 can expect their roommate assignment by the first week of August 2013.

- Your Housing application is the key document to your housing assignment. You will not be placed in on-campus housing if you do not submit a housing application.

- Please be as honest as possible to ensure a good roommate match for you. (YOU, not your parents, should fill out this application.)

- In order to get the housing assignments out to you in a timely fashion, we must receive your Housing application by June 10, 2013. We will process
the Housing applications received after this date once we have housed those students who returned their cards on or before June 10. All students who
return a Housing application will receive a housing assignment. However, we
will be less able to accommodate preferences for thsose who submit their Housing application after June 10.