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Housing and Meal Plan Information
for 2012-2013

Housing Policy and Fees
All degree-seeking students at Hope College are required live on-campus unless granted permission to commute daily from their parent's primary home address (the address must be within a 25-mile radius of Hope College) or receive off-campus permission for their senior year. Students who are enrolled part-time (1-11 credits) for both semesters of the 2012-2013 academic year, married (copy of marriage license required), or 23 years of age by August 28, 2012, will be exempt from this requirement if they follow the application procedure. Please see the Residential Life Housing Policy for more information at The rates for campus housing and board per semester for the 2012-2013 academic year are listed below. Please see the Student Development web page for more information at

Housing (prices per semester)

Dykstra, Durfee, Gilmore, Kollen, Lichty, and Phelps
Double room
Cook Hall
Double room
Other residence halls
Double room
Single room
Double room
Single room
Downtown Apartments, Yellow Duplex, and Fairbanks Townhouse

Meal Plans and Rates

Dining Services offers three different meal plans for residents in the residential halls: 21, 15, and 10 meals per week. The prices below are per semester. All students living in a residence hall are required to be on a meal plan.

Meal Plans (prices per semester)

21 meals per week
15 meals per week
10 meals per week
7+ meals per week
(Available to Cottage and Apartment residents only)


Kletz Debit Dollars
In addition to eating in the dining halls, many students enjoy gathering in the Kletz Snack Shop and having a late night meal or snack. Kletz Debit Dollars allows you to select an amount of money to put on your student ID for use in the Kletz Snack Shop, located on the lower level of the DeWitt Center. Kletz Debit Dollars can be used in the Kletz Snack Shop, Cool Beans Coffee Shop (located in the Kletz), Cup & Chaucer (located in the library) or any of our concession stands at most athletic events. When you use your debit dollars at the Kletz, you will receive 10% discount. Please see the Dining Services web page for more information at