Bathroom Times
What are our schedules like?
Will we need a schedule for showers and/or usage of bathroom that requires privacy?
Is there a limit of time in the shower or spent in the bathroom that requires privacy?

Use of Possessions/Security
What items can be shared without permission?
What items may only be used by asking the owner's permission?
What items may only be used by the owner?
What items will be bought together as a group?
What, if any, are circumstances where it would be appropriate to enter one another's rooms?

How often and how thoroughly will the bathroom be cleaned?
How will cleaning duties be divided among the members of both rooms?
What is the level of cleanliness we all are comfortable with?
What is the level of cleanliness that is intolerable?
How often do we remove trash? What trash goes immediately to trash room?

Utilization of Space
How often do we want to rearrange the rooms and decorations in it?
What level of privacy do we require in the bathroom?
What can/cannot stay in shower?
What can/cannot stay on counters?

What are the parameters or guidelines for guests using the bathroom?
What is the worst/best times?
Does an advanced warning or discussion on guests that will be using the bathroom need to occur?
What guidelines, if any need to be set up for guests of the opposite gender?

Special Considerations
Are there any special needs/considerations that are needed in regards to bathroom?
How are we going to communicate and implement these needs?

How do we agree to communicate with each other when there is a problem?
What issues do we feel comfortable talking to each other about or not talking to each other about?

We, the residents of room _____ and room ______ in ___________ agree to the terms we've listed above.

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