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How to Live With Your Roommate

1. To thine own self be true. If you are a messy person who likes listening to music at all hours, don’t be ashamed to admit it. Just make sure that in your roommate agreement these things are discussed and an agreement is reached.

2. Speak up. Get to know your roommate. Don’t be afraid to tell your roommate if his/her actions bother you.

3. Silence is golden. We just told you that you shouldn’t be afraid to discuss things with your roommate, but you’ll probably be better off if you don’t tell your roommate’s about all of their little annoying habits. Think long term.

4. Plan ahead. Decide how you are going to handle financial obligation (e.g. phone bill, groceries) ahead of time so there won’t be any misunderstanding when it’s time to pay. Establishing boundaries is fine as long as both roommates are aware of them.

5. Establish a guest policy. Decide whether it’s acceptable to bring a boyfriend/girlfriend back to the room.

6. Do unto others…whether you like your roommate or not, treat him/her with the consideration that you’d like to be treated with.

7. Give a little. You don’t have to subvert your personality to get along with another person, but be prepared to compromise.

8. Don’t stress. Most roommates naturally figure out how to get along even if they don’t become best friends.

If you find yourself struggling with your roommate do not hesitate to contact your Resident Assistant or Resident Director. They are here to help. Do not make any room changes yourself, as the decision to move is not yours. The final decision of any room change comes from the Resident Director.