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Living with Your Roommate

Setting expectations and clear communication are the foundation to a building a strong and healthy relationship with your roommate. To ensure these important conversations take place, all students living in college housing are asked to complete a roommate agreement. Please use the following discussion guide as the first step in the Roommate Agreement process.

Getting started

· * Why did you choose Hope College?
· * What is your family like?
· * How would you describe your friends back home? How would they describe you?
· * What is unique about your hometown?
· * What has been your biggest accomplishment in your life?

Going a little deeper…

· *What are you hoping to major in?
· *What extracurricular activities do you plan to take part in at Hope this year?
· *What is your favorite kind of music?
· *What is your favorite kind of food?
· *What do you like to do for fun?
· *What really interests/excites you?
· *What do you like to do to alleviate stress?
· *What are your pet peeves?

Getting a little more personal…

· *What are your views/opinions on religion?
· *What are your views/opinions on alcohol?
· *How do you let others know what and how you are feeling?
· *What angers you?
· *How would you describe your general mood? How/when does that change?

Personal Habits & Preferences
· *What do you need in order to study well?
· *What do you need in order to sleep well?
· *How do you feel about sharing each other's things? What is off-limits?
· *How clean do you want the room to be?
· *How do you want to arrange the room?
· *How warm/cold do you like it in the room?
· *How do you feel about guests in the room? Significant other?

Roommate Agreement

What are our schedules like? What are noise tolerences when studying? What activities have priority in the room?

How much sleep do you need nightly? When do each of us get up and go to bed? How will our schedules affect our sleep habits? What are our noise/light tolerance when sleeping?

How do we agree to communicate with each other when there is a problem? What do we feel comfortable talking about/not talking about? Of someone call or stops by, how will we take messages? How late/early is appropriate for others to call our room?

Use of Possessions/Security
What items can be shared without permission? What items may only by asking the owner's permission? What items may only be used by the owner? What items will we buy together? What is our policy on other's access to our room and possessions?


How often and how thoroughly will the room be cleaned? Who will do what to clean the room? What is each of our level of cleanliness? What is intolerable? How often do we remove trash? What goes immediately to the trash room?

Utilization of Space
How often do we wnt to change things? How do we divide the storage space? What temperature do we feel comfortable with in the room (windows open, fan, etc.)?

Guests and Visitation Hours
How often can guests come over? When is the worst/best times? Does it need to be advance warning or discussion? What guidelines, if any, need to be set up for guests of the opposite gender? How long before the end of visitation hours should an opposite gender guest leave the room?

We, the residents of room________ in ____________________ agree to the
terms we've listed above.



RA Signature_________________date:_____