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To be recognized and distinguished nationally as a leader in residential living among both Christian and liberal arts institutions. A pre-eminent residential life program creates a dynamic learning environment that challenges students to grow in mind, body, and spirit; encourages community responsibility and individual rights; blends formal education with life lessons in a way that is engaging and innovative; fosters an environment that recognizes and embraces a diverse world; and provides safe, comfortable facilities that meet the needs of students.


To create a residential living environment that engages individuals in the development of their human potential; is responsive to the continually changing needs of students; respects, embraces, and celebrates the uniqueness of all people; fosters the development of well-rounded individuals; and actively supports and contributes to the academic and Christian mission of the institution.

Shared Values

COMMITMENT: We are committed to putting students first. Challenging and supporting students in their growth and development is our priority.

HONESTY, INTEGRITY and TRUST: In all interactions, with all people, at all times, by everyone.

INITIATIVE and LEADERSHIP: All Residential Life Staff members are accountable and responsible for the results of our program. Each individual is expected to take initiative and provide leadership.

EXCELLENCE: Committed to uncompromising professionalism, compassion and care.

LIFELONG LEARNING and EDUCATION: Providing opportunities to gain lifeskills which contribute to success today as a member of the Hope Community as well as tomorrow in our ever-changing world.

CARING and COMPASSION: For students and each other at all times.

INTERDEPENDENCE: Fostering a true understanding that no person, staff, or department functions alone. Our success depends on unity.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Effectively managing departmental resources in a creative, innovative and responsible manner.

PROACTIVE and FORWARD-LOOKING: Striving to continuously improve the quality of our program and facilities. We recognize that we must anticipate the future and position ourselves to best serve the needs of our current and future students.