Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve made Hope College your home away from home.

Our international students are an integral part of Hope’s population, adding to the vibrant student life our campus embodies. We’ve accepted students from other countries for almost as long as Hope College has been around — in fact, the graduating class of 1879 was one-third international.

Since then, we’ve opened the doors to exchange students from partner institutions, in addition to students seeking a degree directly from Hope. We’re also a popular destination for Third Culture Kids (TCKs) — a term referring to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ for a significant part of their upbringing.

sbd-groupServices and Activities

The Center for Global Engagement offers a variety of programs and activities to make you feel at home on our campus. Whether welcoming you to campus during our international and TCK orientation, guiding you through immigration matters, exploring the great state of Michigan or celebrating your culture through IMAGES: A Reflection of Cultures or the International Food Fair, we work hard to help you integrate into campus and provide you a home away from home. Getting fully immersed in the Hope experience is a great way to engage American culture, make new friends and enhance your educational experience beyond the classroom.

Events Calendar

Curious about what’s happening on campus? Take a look at our events calendar— you’ll find up-to-date information on activities for international and TCK students, as well as campus-wide events. Whenever an event is hosted by the Center for Global Engagement, we’ll send you an email with information and a chance to RSVP.

Prospective Students

Interested in studying at Hope? Learn about the admissions process for international students.

Admitted Students

Congratulations — you’ve been accepted at Hope College. Find out more information regarding your arrival on our campus, orientation, the International Family Orientation, host families and more on the admitted students page.

Current Students

Search the events and activities calendar and find information on maintaining your immigration status on the current students page.

What Students Are Saying

YongChul Yoon ’18

Yong Chul Kim“Fried Center for Global Engagement is home to a diverse group of unique people. Whether you are new to America or you have lived here for a while as a TCK, every faculty, staff and student intern will welcome you with great warmth and maybe a cup of tea or coffee. Personally, this is where my journey began, anxiously waiting for the uncertain future to hit me. Frankly, in retrospect, without being a part of this international community, I would have been lost in a crowd of students. However, with the help of other international students and the faculty members, I was able to stand up on my own feet and stand out from the crowd. Now, I hope to be an outstanding, knowledgeable global citizen who can impact other people’s lives. This experience, or transformation, is very valuable for me, so I thank all those who were/are/will be involved in my journey.”
—Yongchul Yoon, B.S. in physics and B.A. in chemistry,Korea/Japan

SinWoo Lee ’18

Sin Woo Lee“Home Sweet Hope♡”

—SinWoo Lee, international studies, Korea/India

Titus Theis ’19

Titus Theis“Hope College has truly been my home away from home. As one of the TCKs and MKs on Hope's campus sometimes our adversities are perceived as privileges by our American peers. Fortunately, the international community and the FIC staff understand the struggles that we face as TCKs and MKs returning home. I have never felt even the slightest loneliness or helplessness on Hope's campus because I always had someone to turn to with my questions and struggles whether that's a student or a staff. Hope College is surely my Anchor and my Rock. GO HOPE!”
—Titus Theis, international studies and economics, China/USA

Chan Hwang ’18

Chan Hwang“In the midst of busy school work and self care, stepping into welcoming Fried Center for Global Engagement brings a little glimpse of feeling of home.”
—Chan Hwang, mechanical engineering, Korea/USA

Haila Assefa ’18

Haila Assefa“The first time I arrived at Hope, I was really nervous, and one of the things that played a huge role in my smooth transition to Hope was the staff in international education. They made sure that I felt comfortable and at home, and since then my time at Hope has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have grown a lot as a student and as a person.”
—Haila Assefa, psychology, Ethiopia

Anna Langholz ’19

Anna Langholz“The best thing about the Fried Center for Global Engagement is that you can really see how much the staff cares about each and every student and their success at Hope College; that is really encouraging to us.”
—Anna Langholz, undeclared, Germany/USA