Hope’s Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity is a culminating event for many students to showcase their work to students, faculty, family and community members.

Register for Celebration 2023 

FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2023
Richard & Helen DeVos Fieldhouse

Timeline for presenters

Find an overview of the events and deadlines leading up to the Celebration. 

Registration for presenters

Every project must be registered. If there is more than one student researcher on a project, the group should pick a "lead student" to enter project information. Registration opens January 25. See guidelines on who, when and where to register.


This year (2021) students will be presenting in a virtual format. For those presenting their work in other venues, a poster format may still be the best visual to create. For others, a slide show or other creation may be best. Students will work with their faculty mentors to determine the best presentation mode for their project(s).

For poster information, see this webpage on poster formats and templates.


Upon registration you will be asked to create an abstract for your project. A book will be published, both in print and on Digital Commons, at the beginning of May that includes abstracts from the projects presented at the Celebration. Find abstract requirements and samples. 


Learn tips on everything you need to know for presenting:

  • Putting together a great poster
  • Printing the poster
  • Where and when to set up
  • What to wear
  • Taking breaks to view other posters at the event
  • Free food and drinks