Faithful. Welcoming. Transformational.

Faithful. Welcoming. Transformational.

Hope College is a four-year liberal arts college where academic excellence and vibrant Christian faith join together in a supportive and welcoming community in downtown Holland, Michigan. This rare combination of deep roots and rigorous preparation equips our students to live faithfully into their vocations and make a difference in the world.

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It's a Lofty Ambition, but then Again the College is Named "Hope," not "Settle."

The college’s new Hope Forward initiative seeks to fully fund tuition for every student up front. While that’s the most tangible goal, it’s only one of several.

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Hope College Launches “Hope Forward” Strategy to Fully Fund Tuition

A new financial model to fund a Hope College education. That is the goal of a vision that Hope College recently launched, built on the long-range commitment to ensure access for every student who is admitted to Hope.

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Full-Circle Role Reversal

The look of relief and joy was quite evident on the masked face of Dr. Alyssa Cheadle, assistant professor of psychology, as she rolled up her sleeve to get her second COVID-19 vaccination recently at a CVS pharmacy in Holland, Michigan.

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Playing Toward the COVID Endgame

Just two months into 2021, a year that rang in with oxymoronic anxious optimism, heavy reality struck the Hope College athletics program with the force of a 500-pound barbell dropped from 1,000 feet. One of the longest-standing, tradition-laden staples in Hope athletics’ diet was removed from a limited menu of competitive offerings on its plate.

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History’s Paradoxical Lessons of Love in War

As a Marine veteran and military historian, Dr. Fred L. Johnson III is regrettably too familiar with the atrocities of war. As a college professor, he has not tucked away that horrific knowledge, but instead is adding a new perspective to it.

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Taking Computational Chemistry to the Next Level

For many, chemistry brings to mind the apparatus: ethereal blue flames, miles of plastic tubing with interestingly-colored chemicals snaking through, and — perhaps above all else — test tubes and beakers of all shapes and sizes. But for Dr. Brent Krueger, chemistry research often occurs on a computer screen, in the form of molecular models.

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    Darcy Lecture: Dr. Chen Zhu
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