With more than 3,500 colleges and universities in the United States alone, what makes Hope such a unique option? Well, let’s start with three words: mind, body and spirit. These are the anchors of the Hope College experience.


Experience the Hope difference


Because for you, learning is a way of life.
Students engaging in the classroomAt Hope, the liberal arts are at the core of equipping students to think critically and communicate effectively about a broad range of subjects. Our 90+ academic programs are nationally recognized for intellectual rigor and deep engagment. We know this is the best preparation you can have for a productive and fulfilling life
Because life is your classroom.
At Hope, time in the classroom is the starting line. Outside the classroom, you may find yourself co-authoring graduate school-level research with a Hope professor, interning at a local non-profit or the White House, or spending the entire semester a world away.
Because your world is interconnected.
Students in India for Study Abroad Hope has been global since 1879, when two of our six graduates came from Japan to study in the U.S. Our robust language offerings, 300+ study abroad programs and dedicated offices of International and Multicultural Education are committed to ensuring you leave with a broad global perspective. It’s our mission to do so.
Because this is only the beginning.
Your first-choice graduate or professional school. The workforce. The Peace Corps. Teach for America. The ministry. That coveted job where your passion meets the world’s need. A new state. A new country. Your own place. Your future family.


Because your art is your passion.
The arts are fully alive at Hope. Our institution was the first four-year, undergraduate liberal arts college in the United States to gain national accreditation in all four arts programs: music, art, dance and theater. Our faculty are world-class artists and masterful teachers, and their ability to take you to the next level of performance is enhanced in new facilities like the Miller Center for Musical Arts and Kruizenga Art Museum.
Because you want to join a winning tradition.
2014 NCAA Division III Women's Volleyball championsAthletic tradition runs deep at Hope. Our 22 NCAA Division III varsity teams belong to the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA), the oldest collegiate athletics conference in the country – established even before the NCAA. School spirit is strong here, with terrific fan support from Hope students and the Holland community alike. Our teams play to win — and win they do — earning more conference Commissioner’s Cups than any other member school in its history.
Because you’ll get what you pay for. And then some.
Attending Hope is an investment, but because of generous alumni and friends of the college, the amount you pay covers just a portion of the resources we devote to your overall experience. Add on academic and arts scholarships, grants, loans and work study, and you’ll find Hope can be more affordable than you might expect.
Because Holland, Michigan, is one beautiful and friendly college town.
Downtown Holland

Hope and its city of Holland grew up together, and it shows. Walk two blocks north of campus and you’ll find yourself on the heated sidewalks and alongside the shops and restaurants of 8th Street, our unofficial second student center. Hop in your car – yes, you can bring one as a freshman – and you’ll arrive at the stunning beaches of Lake Michigan in less than 10 minutes.


Because you know it’s not about you.
Hope students have a heart for others. Kick off your fall semester by volunteering through Hope’s annual Time to Serve. Connect with the Holland community through our dedicated Volunteer Services office. Use your spring break to venture out on a Campus Ministries Immersion Trip.
Because your faith matters.
Dimnent Chapel is full of students for a serviceHope is vibrantly Christian, yet respectful of your personal religious preferences. Choose to attend Chapel, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by 1,000+ students in worship. Extend your faith through local and off-campus outreach and service. Consider your calling.
Because Hope people will become your family for life.
Step foot on Hope’s campus, and you’ll quickly realize there’s something special about the community of people here. Our students, faculty and staff care for each other, and the friends you make here will go with you far beyond these four years. Would you have it any other way?
Because the legacy is strong – and now it’s your turn.
More than 37,500 alumni have left their mark on this place and today serve and lead around the world. Hope has a 160-year history of graduates earning a reputation among employers and the nation’s best graduate schools for their rare combination of career preparedness, professionalism and deep values.

Hope alumni know that their relationship with the college and with each other does not end at graduation. Living in every state and over 80 countries, alumni have proven generous with their time and advice to students and fellow graduates. Through lifelong learning and career development, relationships formed at Hope change lives both on campus and in communities everywhere.

Tapping into the potential of this network is a powerful way to bring your career to life. Learn more.

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