The Center for Diversity and Inclusion empowers students to excel academically and flourish as socially responsible members in a diverse world.

We provide opportunities, resources and advocacy in partnership with the greater Hope College community to promote a Christ-centered culture of equity and inclusion.


Our community will live and learn together authentically, compassionately and responsibly as influencers for positive social change in our increasingly diverse world.

Guiding Principles

Diversity, equity and inclusion are:

  • Inspired by the historic, ecumenical Christian faith and its call for love and justice
  • Grounded in the Virtues of Public Discourse (humility, hospitality, patience, courage and honesty)
  • Integral components of the Hope College experience for students, faculty and staff
  • Reflective of the dignity and worth of all human beings
  • Sources of enrichment and strength for our community

Diverse Perspectives Blog

  1. Asian Heritage Lecture 2024

    Posted by Nicole Dykstra

    “David did a great job engaging the crowd. You can tell it was authentic and David meant w...

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  2. César Chávez Lecture 2024

    Posted by Nicole Dykstra

    Ernesto Villarreal, former Assistant Director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, presente...

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  3. Black History Month Lecture 2024

    Posted by Nicole Dykstra

    Dr. Sonja Trent-Brown, Vice President of Culture and Inclusive Excellence at Hope College, presen...

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  4. Affirming LGBTQ+ Student Lecture 2024

    Posted by Nicole Dykstra

    I wondered all along why I came to Hope.  Matt Shepard’s death had an extremely profound impac...

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  5. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Lecture 2024

    Posted by Nicole Dykstra

    Professor Emeritus John Yelding is the best person for helping us recall the legacy of Marti...

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  6. My Truth: Susan Davies

    Posted by Susan Davies, Class of 2024 (Photo by Luong Tran)

    The Center for Diversity & Inclusion is pleased to release the My Truth Series. This series c...

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We need to cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community — and this nation.

Cesar Chavez