The Kruizenga Art Museum aims to educate, engage and inspire the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Hope College — as well as the broader communities of Holland and West Michigan.

The Kruizenga Art Museum (KAM), opened and dedicated in September 2015, provides exhibition space for the college’s extensive permanent collection and visiting exhibitions. It provides additional support for curation of the collections, as well as space and resources to view and study works from around the world, spanning centuries.

The museum was developed with an emphasis on engaging faculty and students from many academic disciplines in the study and interpretation of art. Its vision is to be an educational resource — not only for the college, but for all of West Michigan.

Current Exhibition


August 29–December 16, 2017

"From Beyond the Stars: Innovation and Inspiration in Meiji Japanese Art," explores some of the major new developments that occurred in Japanese art during the Meiji period (1868-1912) and reveals how art contributed to the larger political, social and economic changes that transformed Japan into a modern world power at that time.

The exhibit features 66 works of art spanning a wide range of media, from paintings, prints and photographs to ceramics, enamels, metalworks and textiles. The artworks come from the Kruizenga Art Museum collection and a consortium of private collections in California.

"Pheonix Vase" by Makuzu Kozan