In the Natural and Applied Sciences Division, we learn science by doing science, aspiring to fashion inquisitive minds and creative habits.

We orchestrate the pursuit of knowledge, offering innovative classroom experiences and opportunities for student-faculty collaborative research, all designed to build wonder and wisdom while expanding understanding.

We care about each other, seeking to err on the side of generosity and graciousness in our interactions. We care about this place, realizing how fortunate we are to work in inspiring spaces with state of the art equipment.

In the Natural and Applied Sciences at Hope College, you will join a community where caring is the basis of our commitments and the foundation of our successes.

  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

    Take the opportunity to engage both fields using state-of-the-art technologies and by participating in research in both the biology and chemistry departments.

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  • Biology

    One of the largest departments on Hope’s campus, we have a renowned program for training students in the study of life on every level, from molecular to ecological.

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  • Chemistry

    Our nationally recognized chemistry department provides students with a rigorous introduction to chemistry-related fields through professional involvement, scholarly development and an emphasis on faculty-student research.

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  • Computer Science

    The computer science department develops students who are well-versed in algorithmic computing through an emphasis on new technologies and techniques.

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  • Engineering

    Our program prepares graduates for professional practice or advanced studies by providing a broad education in engineering fundamentals in a liberal arts context.

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  • Geological & Environmental Science

    Spend time outdoors studying the Earth first hand to learn the fundamentals of mineralogy, geochemistry, mapping, groundwater, fossil identification and more.

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  • Mathematics

    Become a mathematical problem solver in an environment that equips students to pursue a challenging career in teaching, research, and industry.

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  • Neuroscience

    Gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of neuroscience through a foundation in research that promotes process of discovery and inquiry-based learning.

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  • Nursing

    Our department prepares nurses with the knowledge, skills and competencies essential for effective nursing practice all within the context of the Christian faith.

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  • Physics

    With over $1 million in recent grants for renovation and research, our department is one of the leading undergraduate physics programs in the country.

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