Whether you're just looking to have some fun or aiming to win the coveted intramural champion t-shirt, there's a spot for you on the court, field or in the pool.

Intramurals are for everyone! All you need is a member of your team to serve as captain and attend the captain's meeting (see below) and register your team.

From there it's simple: Show up to your games (with your Hope ID) and be ready for some good fun and competition.

You don't need previous experience with the sport, but having a grasp on the rules is helpful for everyone.

There are four intramural seasons (two each semester), featuring a variety of men's, women's and coed sports. A captain's meeting occurs prior to the start of each season. Make sure to check the meeting calendar so you don't miss out! 

Intramurals Meeting Calendar

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IM Spring Season 2 Playoffs Begin

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Intramural Seasons

  • Women's 3-Player Volleyball
  • Coed Flag Football
  • Men's Flag Football
  • Men's Soccer
Fall season 2
  • Coed Basketball
  • Coed Doubles Tennis
  • Coed Badminton
  • Women's Badminton
  • Women's Tennis
  • Men's Tennis
Spring Season 1 
  • Coed Inner Tube Water Polo
  • Coed Volleyball
  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Indoor Soccer
Spring Season 2
  • Coed Ultimate Frisbee
  • Doubles Racquetball
  • Doubles Badminton
  • Women's Flag Football
  • Men's 3-on-3 Volleyball

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