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Student Employment

Over 1,800 Hope students work on campus in nearly every department, contributing 350,000 hours per year to help the essential operations of the college — while earning competitive pay and gaining essential workplace and career experience.

On-campus jobs offer many advantages to students compared to off-campus jobs including:

  • Convenience: Walk to work (don’t need a car and no parking hassles)
  • Variety: Many students work more than one on-campus job simultaneously
  • Flexibility: Potential for shorter shifts and dynamic schedules
  • Understanding: Your employer agrees that school comes first
  • Community: Work with your friends and caring college employees
  • Focus on your future: We strive to make every on-campus job a skill building opportunity to add to your résumé

To see student job listings, go to our Featured Student Job webpage or login to Handshake to see all student jobs by searching for “Hope College” as the employer.

On-campus jobs range from production-based positions to academic-focused positions to internship-like experiences and are classified in four categories:

Category 1

These are the highest-paying student jobs and offer opportunities for pay growth. These positions requires constant labor and attention to detail but do not offer direct experiential learning. Often a production position in areas such as dining, landscaping, or custodial work. Sometimes a position with little or no “prestige,” but always valuable work to keep the college operating well.

Category 2
A student position that offers experiential learning to build skills that can be used on a résumé to demonstrate direct experience for a career-oriented position. Sometimes service or production work in areas including admissions, the libraries, CIT, marketing, video services or the Events and Conferences Office. Sometimes academic work including paper grading, teaching assistance, tutoring or research.
Category 3
A student position that offers the chance for students to do homework or other multitasking activities while working. These positions include Dow and DeVos door greeters, departmental receptionists and more.
Category 4
A student position that requires certification or other extra requirements. These positions include lifeguards, trainers, grant-funded employment, regulated animal care providers, chemical handling and more. There are very few Category 4 positions.
Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Highest paying jobs + pay growth Minimum wage + pay growth Minimum wage, no pay growth Market-driven pay
Work closely with friends & members of the Hope community Work closely with friends & members of the Hope community Work closely with friends & members of the Hope community Work closely with friends & members of the Hope community
Flexible hours and shifts Résumé-focused skill development Opportunity for homework and other multitasking activities Specific training/ certification needed
Variety of roles available Career-oriented, hands-on learning Can be boring Very few positions
Many positions, easy to apply and start Positions are more selective    
Learn fundamental skills like customer service and teamwork