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Alaska May Terms:

May Term: LDRS 201

May Term Senior Seminar course: Thriving in Transitions

Instructors: Tim Schoonveld for LDRS 201 and Steve VanderVeen for Senior Seminar

LDRS 201 Course Description: Students learn what it means to be a “Level 5” and “Stage 5” and “Fundamental” leader; in the process they learn about team-building and servant leadership in the context of the historic Christian faith, and they learn by doing.  Students will be spending one week in class in Holland and two weeks exploring leadership and service in the Alaskan culture.  

Senior Seminar Course Description:
Life is full of change: 
entering and leaving college, joining a fraternity or sorority, leaving one job and starting another, getting married, losing a loved one, having children, visiting or living in a new culture, being the member of a new group of people, etc.  While change is external, transitions are internal.  Every change requires a transition.  What are the characteristics of transition and how do we thrive in them?   To explore this question we will not only read, watch, and talk about change and transition, but also experience both as we adapt to a new environment and become a team.  During the first two weeks of the May Term we will meet at Hope; during the last two weeks we will travel to a rustic youth camp, exploring the culture and serving the people of the Chickaloon tribe near Sutton, Alaska.

Other Information:
Students will stay at the Eaglecrest Campus, on the Matanuska River, encompassing nine acres of land donated to Eaglecrest Alaska Missions for the specific purpose of establishing an outreach ministry center to the community of Sutton, Alaska. Sutton, filled with character and many wonderful people, dates back to the gold rush days. Today, however, many residents struggle to make ends meet. It's here that Eaglecrest Alaska Missions is seeking to bring the presence of Christ through repairing homes, meeting physical needs, and building a year-round youth ministry.

$2500 (plus tuition). Includes: travel, lodging, 3 meals a day, cultural experiences. Other possible experiences include: weekend trip to Seward, dinner cruise, rafting