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Prospective Students

"Why should I study Physics?"

There are lots of great reasons to study physics. Learn about them at the American Physical Society website or the Physics Career Resource!

"What can you do with a degree in Physics?"

Students who enjoy their physics courses ask these questions all of the time. The challenge is that the answers aren't obvious. There are few companies with the work physics in the title and few occupation titles that have the word physics in them.

So how what do physics majors do after they graduate with a bachelors degree? About 35% of all physics majors enter the workforce after obtaining a physics degree. About 65% of all physics majors pursue graduate education (medicine, law, business, engineer, physics, etc).

The recent report "What's It Worth, The Economic Value of College Majors" reports that physics majors who enter the workforce after earning a bachelors degree will end up in occupations such as Computer Services, Management, Engineering, Sales and Education.

Physics majors work in industries like professional services, manufacturing, education, finance and retail.

The great news is that regardless of occupation OR industry, physics majors do well professionally. They are typically employed (only 6% are unemployed) and the median salaries for physicists with bachelors degrees is $70,000/year. The earnings boost for physicists who earn graduate degrees of some type is about 41%. (See page 162 of "What's It Worth, The Economic Value of College Majors".)

There are lots of options for Physics majors and you have plenty of time to explore them during your career at Hope. If you want to know more about what Hope Physics majors have done since graduating from Hope, check out some of our alumni information below!

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We have a proven formula for success. This formula combines rigorous classroom work and true hands-on research. It combines caring, available teachers with experienced research mentors. We have high expectations from our students and take pride in watching students grow into real physicists during their time at Hope College.

-Paul DeYoung
Kenneth G. Herrick Professor of Physics