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STEM Teacher Workshops at Hope

Interested in professional development tied to a camp with your students? Let us know - we're happy to work with you.

Hope sponsors a set of workshops to let you expore inquiry based science, math and engineering topics which are easily integrated into your classroom. Developed in partnership with Hope STEM faculty, the workshops will give you hands-on experience with the topic and provide a forum to discuss with other teachers how to incorporate into your classroom.

2015 Summer Programs!!

Homeschool educators welcome in all teacher workshops and eligible for borrowing resources!

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Molecular Modeling - June 22-26
NSF-funded scholarships available to cover tuition and lodging for active K-12 educators who attend !

Computational science and modeling (CSM) has become a critical element in essentially all fields of science. Researchers no longer think about experiment and theory as two sides of discovery, but rather experiment, theory, and computational modeling as three pillars that support progress in science. We will provide you with the experience you need to employ CSM in chemistry (i.e. molecular modeling) in a way that addresses multiple National and State Science Standards.

Field studies using panoramic photography – July 6–10

This workshop prepares high school teachers to set up a field site and monitor it with their students using digital photos.  The methods can be used in a wide variety of field studies in biology, geology, and environmental science.  The workshop focuses on an ongoing project where Grand Haven High School students are using digital photos to monitor changes in sand dunes, with curriculum linked to the field activities, as an example of how teachers might help students develop their own local sites of interest in preparation for meeting Next Generation Science Standards.To register or get more information, e-mail Brian Bodenbender at bodenbender@hope.edu

Air Quality Measurement – July 13-14

How does air quality vary in your home, neighborhood and throughout the day? Lead students in building an air quality snesor and learning to take and interpret air quality data. The workshop will provide curricular materials, discuss issues of scaling up the project and develop additional project ideas to make connections with community partners.

Additional workshops available for less than $100!

Watershed Investigations - June 18/19
Participants will learn the science needed to answer questions about the local watershed through active inquiry. Throughout the academy, participants will interact with scientists and undergraduate researchers who are studying the local watershed to learn how they are applying their STEM expertise to understand the watershed and help the local community address issues of concern. ($99)

Teaching and Learning with Monarch Butterflies - August 5/6

Pre-K through 12th grade educators can teach essential skills in literacy, math, science, geography, technology, Spanish, the arts and social sciences through the captivating story of monarch. Teachers complete the workshop with all the materials they need to bring this exciting and dynamic subject to their classrooms. *Only SCECHs available for this workshop. ($99)


Contact Susan Ipri Brown at csi@hope.edu for more information.

Thanks to Hope College Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program, and the Michigan Space Grant Consortium for their generous support of scholarships for these academies!