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1996 STUDENT RESEARCH PROJECTS (and faculty advisors)

Afshin K. Afarin Fort Wayne, IN PIXE Spectroscopy Studies of Lead in Tap Water" (Peaslee)

Eric P. Almli Pinckney, MI "Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Secondary - Butyl Esters" (Taylor)

Yvonne Beltran High School "Immunostaining Properties of the VACM-1 Receptor" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Freek Bouwman The Netherlands "Mutagenesis of VACM-1 Receptor" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Casey S. Carney Brookfield, WI "Statistical Modelling of Heavy Ion Reaction Studies at Intermediate Energies" (Peaslee)

Erik A. Carpenter Stamford, CT "Development of a pH-stat System using the SCI Interface" (Seymour)

Brian A. Capps Downers Grove, IL "Role of MAPK in VACM-1 Dependent Action of AVP" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Matthew D. Carr Portage, MI "Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Secondary Esters" (Taylor)

Jonathan E. Charnin Grand Rapids, MI "The Synthesis of Phenalene for the Subsequent Formation of Naphthyl-substituted Propellanes" (Sanford)

Nikolas H. Chmiel Chesterton, IN "Microbial Lactonization of Hydroxynitriles" (Taylor)

Seth L. Crawley Oxford, MI "Asymmetric Synthesis using Chiral tin(II) Reagents" (Stewart)

Katie L. Drake Rochester Hills, MI "Parallel Plate Avalanche Counters for Use in Heavy Ion Reaction Studies at Intermediate Energies" (Peaslee)

Vicki L. Folta Grand Blanc, MI "Tissue Specific RT-PCR for VACM-1 Receptor" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Tyson O. Friday Iowa City, IA "Construction of Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer" (Polik)

Joseph M. Fritsch Normal, IL "The Preparation of Quinone Functional PDMS via Hydrolysis Reactions" (Silver)

Justin G. Grochoski Ada, MI "Installation of Computional Chemistry Server" (Polik)

Kiana Hambright West Ottawa High School "The Preparation of Crosslinkers for Polyaminequinone Siloxane Copolymers" (Silver)

Leah M. Hesse Buffalo Grove, IL "Identification of the Promoter region of VACM-1" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Julie A. Jaasma Modesto, CA "Heavy Ion Reaction Studies: Ar + Au at 27 MeV/A" (Peaslee)

Shawn J. Kinser Shelton, WA "Characterization of a Novel Ligand for a Vasopressin-Activation Calcium-Mobilizing Receptor" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Laura L. Listenberger Niles, MI "Immunostaining Properties of the VACM-1 Receptor" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Gregory D. Martin Saginaw, MI "Dispersed Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Formaldehyde" (Polik)

William R. McGovern Portage, MI "Implementation of a Size Exclusion Chromatographic System for the Determination of Relative Molecular Weights of Polymeric Materials" (Sanford)

Mark A. Moeller Ravenna, MI "Development of ICP Heavy Metal Analysis as an Alternative to the USP Heavy Metals Procedure" (Seymour)

Robert V. Morford Grand Haven, MI "The Preparation of Precursors for Cyano-Substituted Allyl Quinones for a Pt Binding Study" (Silver)

Joel C. Nemes Jenison, MI "The Preparation of Molecular Tubes Composed of Cyclodextrins" (Sanford)

Karolina Ochoa West Ottawa High School "Isolation of a VACM-1 Related Clone" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Karen L. Oosterhouse Caledonia, MI "Characterization of a Novel Ligand for a Vasopressin-Activated Calcium-mobilizing Receptor" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Robbyn L. Prange China, MI "The Preparation of Allylquinone and Crosslinkers for Polyaminequinone Siloxane Copolymers and PDMS-PAQ" (Silver)

Jonathan T. Reeves Richmond, MI "The Synthesis of Polyxylylidenes" (Sanford)

Gerard Rietjens The Netherlands "Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Cu and Pt Compounds" (Silver)

Margarita Rodriguez Holland High School "The Preparation of Crosslinkers for Polymainequinone Siloxane Copolymers" (Silver)

Erin E. Schiller Chelsea, MI "Isolation of a VACM-1 Related Clone" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Rebecca L. Shearer Schoolcraft, MI "Identification of the Promoter Region of VACM-1" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Marc I. Smeets Holland, MI "The Photochemical Preparation of Quinone Functional Polydimethylsiloxanes" (Silver)

Ryan R. Spangler Saline, MI "Synthesis of Titanium(IV) thiolate Compounds" (Stewart)

Matthew R. Steensma Grand Rapids, MI "Optimization of Enantioselectivity in Enzymatic Hydrolysis" (Taylor)

Michael P. Struck Orlando Park, IL "Synthesis of Titanium(IV) Thiolate Compounds" (Stewart)

Ryan Sweeder (Albion College) "The Preparation of Bis-Siloxy Quinones for Pt Binding Studies" (Silver)

Angela R. Taylor Downers Grove, IL "Computer Based Experiments for the General Chemistry Laboratory" (Seymour)

Melissa J. Thiel Chelsea, MI "Identification of the Promoter Region of VACM-1" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Rebecca J. Timmer Pella, IA "PIXE Spectroscopy Studies of Aqueous Solutions" (Peaslee)

Ngoc Truong Grandville, MI "The Synthesis of Precursors for the Preparation of Spiro-substituted Propellanes" (Sanford)

Ryan Wilcox Hamilton, MI "Isolation of a VACM-1 Related Clone" (Burnatowska-Hledin)

Sarah L. Wilson Gurnee, IL "The Preparation of alpha-alpha'-Disubstituted Ketones for the Synthesis of Alkyl-Substituted Propellanes" (Sanford)