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The Law School Admission Council in its Pre-Law Handbook stresses that the highest quality of education needed for law school should emphasize comprehension and expression in words; critical understanding of the human institutions and values with which law deals; and creative power in thinking.

Students intending to enter the legal profession will find that most law schools do not prescribe a specific pre-professional program but insist on broad background in the liberal arts with an emphasis on courses which will help students develop the skills listed above.

Graduate have a high acceptance rate into top law schools. Typically the acceptance rate of Hope graduates is about 85%.

Practically speaking, the prelaw students can select a major in any subject area. Business administration, economics, English, history, philosophy, or political science are common areas of concentration. Political science currently offers six different pre-law courses at least once every other year. But almost any major could provide a well-read student with a good preparation for legal studies.

Students should plan to take a number of courses in writing. Because one of the most valuable activities in preparation for the study and practice of law is academic debate and public speaking, students should consider being involved in the forensics program. This extracurricular competition encourages the development of research, reasoning, and communication skills. Finally, since law is neither studied nor practiced in a vacuum, students should explore widely to understand their physical, psychological, physiological, social, and ethical environment.

Prelaw students may want to take part in the Washington Honors Semester Program or internships offered in their major department.

Seminars to help students prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) are offered each semester through the Department of Political Science and the Career Planning and Placement Office. Students with an interest in law are informed through a newsletter of campus lectures and other activities which may be of special interest to them.