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Natural Sciences, and Engineering

Hope College offers a variety of programs and opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in the natural sciences. The science curriculum is designed to enable the student to develop competency in several scientific disciplines and to pursue a specific field of interest in depth. The opportunity to work closely with faculty in creative research efforts further enhances the student's learning and appreciation of the natural sciences. Hope offers extensive opportunities for such cooperative research. The net result of Hope's science program is a motivated, well-prepared young scientist who is eagerly sought by graduate schools, professional schools, and employers.

With these goals in mind, freshmen interested in a career involving science should plan to take in the fall semester a math course appropriate for their backgrounds (most often precalculus or calculus) and, for maximum flexibility, two science courses intended for majors in the natural sciences. Each of these science courses initiates a year-long sequence which is normally completed during the same year.

By following this pattern, students develop the background needed to undertake further study in the sciences and explore several scientific disciplines early in their degree program. The program provides an excellent preparation for further study or work in the sciences, in engineering, or in a variety of health professions.