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Join the Mellon Scholars

The Mellon Scholars Program seeks students who are highly motivated in their studies and who want to immerse themselves in the scholarly process of discovery, practice and publication.

If you have a passion for learning and for the arts and humanities, then the Mellon Scholars Program is a place where you can add depth and experiences to your regular major or minor curriculum.

2020 applications are not yet being accepted. Check back for more information.

Interested students should fill out the application and submit a writing sample, an unofficial transcript, a faculty recommendation (see below), and a sample of any digital work (optional). Finalists will be asked to interview (see below). 

“For those of you who are thinking about applying for the program, truly think about why you are passionate about the arts and humanities. While you complete the application, allow for that passion guide you during the process.”

—Nia Stringfellow

Faculty recommendation

A letter of recommendation from an FYS instructor or a professor in the arts or humanities is also part of the application portfolio.

Students should ask for a recommendation from a professor who knows them and their curiosity for the arts and humanities. Professors of FYS, ENG 113 or any arts and humanities courses are often chosen by candidates to write recommendations.

“One of the truly great perks and pleasures of my job is working with Mellon scholars, who are among the very best students at this college. I have seen my students develop in-demand skills with digital media and technology at the same time as they conduct ground-breaking research in my field.”

—Dr. Stephen Maiullo, classics

 Faculty recommendation form 


Finalists will be asked meet in person with the selection committee.  The interview lasts about 10 minutes and gives the candidate the opportunity to express more fully his or her academic interests, educational and career goals, and overall fit for the program.

“The Mellon Scholars propels me to work harder and dream bigger.”

—Erika Schlenker