Asian Studies

The Asian studies minor is designed for students wishing to develop their knowledge of Asian culture, history and thought in order to become more aware and responsive citizens of a globally integrated world.


Asian Studies

The Asian studies minor aims to broaden a student’s major program of study by adding a global, comparative perspective to any area of inquiry in the arts, humanities and social sciences. The minor also helps to prepare students who desire careers in international affairs, international business and international law. Study of an Asian language and study abroad are strongly recommended, but not required.

A minor in Asian studies consists of a minimum of 20 credits: eight credits must be from courses in the area of culture and thought; four credits must be from courses in the area of history; four credits must be from courses in the area of contemporary politics and society. The remaining four credits may be chosen from any approved Asian studies course or a course in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or other Asian language.

The courses below are described in the catalog under the discipline to which they refer. Other courses may be offered that fulfill the Asian studies minor. For further information, contact the director of the program.

Culture and Thought

  • MUS 104 – World Music
  • PHIL 237 – World Philosophies I
  • PHIL 241 – Philosophies of China and Japan
  • PHIL 242 – Philosophies of India and Tibet
  • REL 280 – Introduction to World Religions
  • REL 381 – Religions of India
  • REL 383 – Studies in Islam
  • REL 389 – Studies in World Religions


  • HIST 270 – Modern China
  • HIST 280 – Colonizers and Colonized
  • HIST 295 – Studies in Non-Western History
  • HIST 370 – Modern Middle East
  • HIST 371 – Paris and Shanghai
  • JAPN 280/295 – Intro to Japan Culture and History

Contemporary Politics and Society

  • IDS 200 – Encounter with Cultures
  • IDS 210 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • POL 151 – Introduction to Global Politics
  • POL 160 – Global Feminisms
  • POL 303 – Asian Politics
  • SOC 151 – Cultural Anthropology