Global Health



Global Health Minor

Global Health Minors will gain knowledge of social, economic, cultural, and political contributors to the physical, natural, and sociocultural systems related to individual and population health worldwide. They will gain intellectual and practical skills to pursue solutions by employing multiple disciplinary and knowledge frameworks, recognizing the role of history, religion, philosophy, and culture in developing health access, delivery, and solutions related to individual and population health.

The Minor requires 28 core credits. The required core classes include:

  • IDS 195, Intro to Global Health, 4 credits
  • SOC 295, Social Epidemiology, 4 credits
  • BIOL 103 or 105, Introductory Biology, 4 credits
  • PHIL 245, Global Applied Ethics, 4 credits
  • COMM 295, Health Communication, or SOC 333, Medical Sociology, or PSY 325, Health Psychology, 4 credits
  • SOC 151, Cultural Anthropology or IDS, History and Health, 4 credits
  • POL 100, Intro to American Politics or POL 151, Intro to Global Politics, 4 credits