Peace and Justice

The Peace and Justice Studies Minor prepares students to assume their roles as global citizens and leaders through the development of knowledge and strategies for engaging a global society and promoting a peaceful and just world.

The minor takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding peace theory, application and strategy. It introduces students to the academic study of the religious, historical, political, environmental, sociological, cultural and economic causes of conflict, as well as the psychological, philosophical, religious and communication processes of building peace and justice.

Graduates will be positioned to pursue post-graduate work with:

  • The Peace Corps
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s)
  • Religions Organizations
  • International Agencies and Corporations
  • Political Organizations
  • Environmental Groups
  • Economic and Development Organizations
  • Peace and Justice Foundations


Peace and Justice Minor

Students pursuing the Peace and Justice Studies Minor will gain an understanding of conflict from interpersonal to international contexts, by becoming more aware of their own and others’ identities, cultures and communities.


IDS 296 - Introduction to Peace Studies, 4 credits
REL 460 – Christianity and the Quest for Peace, 4 credits


12 credits of approved electives (course descriptions and details are listed with the corresponding department) selected from:

AES 210 COMM 231 COMM 240 COMM 340
COMM 341 ENGL 113
(approved topics)
ENGL 233 ENGL 234
ENGL 282 ENGL 375 ENVR 377 HIST 206
HIST 252 HIST 255 HIST 256 HIST 321
HIST 344 HIST 351 HIST 361 HIST 370
IDS 200
(approved topics)
IDS 495
(approved topics)
MIN 323 PHIL 245
PHIL 343 POL 110
(approved topics)
POL 151 POL 160
POL 251 POL 262 POL 303 POL 305
POL 378 PSY 110 REL 100
(approved topics)
REL 265
REL 295 REL 324 REL 345 REL 389
REL 490 SOC 281 SOC 356 SOC 395
(approved topics)
WGS 200  WGS 350    

Students will be encouraged to supplement their minor with study abroad, internships, conferences and other experiential activities.

Other Requirements

  • When selecting electives for the minor, students should keep in mind they may only count one course towards both their major and minor.
  • Students are required to select electives from at least 2 different departments and programs to achieve the broadest possible perspectives on the conditions that affect the processes of peace and justice.
  • No more than two courses can be from the same department.
  • Students may only take one elective that is also a general education course.
  • At least 2 of the electives must be at the 200-level or above.
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