VanderWerf Hall

vander werf hall
Building Information
27 Graves PlaceHolland, MI  49423-3617

VanderWerf Hall is home to the laboratories and departments of computer science, physics, mathematics and statistics and engineering. It was originally completed in 1964 with extensive renovations in 1989 and 2011. The building is named in honor of Dr. Calvin A. VanderWerf, the eighth president of Hope College.

The 9,000-square-foot Haworth Engineering Center addition was added in 2013 and is named in honor of Haworth Inc. and the Haworth family. This allows for active faculty-student collaboration on research programs and design projects.

There is an extensive network of desktops used by the Department of Computer Science to research and develop mobile software, computer games, vision assistance, bioinformatics and computer architecture.

VanderWerf also houses a scanning electron microscope, an atomic force microscope and Pelletron particle accelerator that the Department of Physics uses to study nuclear physics, gamma-ray pulsar systems, microwave interactions and the creation of nanomaterials.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics uses the laboratories to teach courses in applied math, statistics and math education and research.

A map showing the location for VanderWerf Hall