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Faculty and Staff

Isolde Anderson, department chair, specializes in Organizational Communication, Small Groups, Family Communication, and Interpersonal Communication. Ph.D., Northwestern University. More Info
Dawn Dewitt-Brinks specializes in Public Speaking. M.A., Western Michigan University. More Info
Jayson Dibble specializes in interpersonal and relational communication, persuasion, and quantitative/scientific research methods. Ph.D. Michigan State University. More Info
Marissa Doshi specializes in global media, cultural significance of communication technologies, transnational feminisms, and qualitative methods. Ph.D. Texas A&M University (expected December 2014) . More Info
Choonghee Han specializes in broadcast and multimedia journalism, digital storytelling, and new media. Ph.D., University of Iowa.
James Herrick specializes in Rhetoric, Argumentation, New Religious Movements, Technology and Spirituality, and Discourse of Futurism. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. More Info
Mi Rosie Jahng specializes in social media and its influence on political behavior and attitudes. Ph.D., University of Missouri. More Info
Rebecca Johnson specializes in Interpersonal Communication, Research Methods, and Ethics in Communication. M.A., Western Michigan University. More Info

Deirdre Johnston, specializes in Persuasion, Interpersonal Communication, Conflict, Mass Media Effects, and Motherhood Research. Ph.D., University of Iowa. More Info
Linda Koetje is the office manager for the Department of Communication.
Rob Pocock specializes in Public Speaking and Public Relations. M.A., Michigan State University. More Info