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Faculty and Staff

Roger Veldman, Chairperson

Mechanical Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7154
Office: VanderWerf 223H

Research Interests: Dynamic response of structures, Blast and Impulse-loading of structures, Aviation security, Aircraft hardening, Finite Element Analysis, Rapid Decompression of Aircraft.


Miguel Abrahantes

Electrical Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7513
Office: VanderWerf 223D

Research Interests: Modelling, Identification, Simulation and Control.


Mark Edgington

Electrical Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7019
Office: VanderWerf 223A

Research Interests: Autonomous Robotics, Probabilistic Modeling Inference and Control, Active Learning, Genetic Algorithms

Susan Ipri Brown

Mechanical Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7924
Office: VanderWerf 223B

Research Interests: Engineering Education, K-12 STEM Education Outreach.


John Krupczak

Mechanical Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7152
Office: VanderWerf 223C

Research Interests: Technological Literacy, Engineering Education, Engineering of Low-temperature thermal-fluid systems, Engineering Design.


Michael Misovich

Chemical Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7879
Office: VanderWerf 223G

Research Interests: Phase equilibrium, equations of state, engineering education and assessment.


Darryl Thelen

Courtney Peckens

Civil Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7021
Office: VanderWerf 223E

Research Interests: Wireless sensing networks, biologically inspired systems, structural health monitoring.


Katharine Polasek

Biomedical Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7079
Office: VanderWerf 223F

Research Interests: Rehabilitation/Biomedical Engineering, Neural Engineering, Functional Electrical Stimulation, Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation.


Matthew Smith

Mechanical Engineer

Phone: (616) 395-7309
Office: VanderWerf 223I

Research Interests: Responsive materials, elastic
instabilities of structures, mechanics problems in biology.


Faculty Emeritus

James vanPutten

James vanPutten



Dave Daugherty

Phone: (616) 395-7519
Office: Accelerator Lab Vanderwerf Hall B11


Stephanie Doolittle

Phone: (616) 395-7530
Office: Engineering Office Vanderwerf 204


Cathy Stoel

Phone: (616) 395-7510
Office: Engineering Office Vanderwerf 204