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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees
a. Academic Affairs Board

6. Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Affairs Board, although its responsibilities extend to all areas of the College.  Whenever appropriate, therefore, the Assessment Committee will also make recommendations to either the Campus Life Board or the Administrative Affairs Board, or to any of their standing committees.


  1. Articulating assessment plans and goals for the College;
  2. Identifying key personnel who will execute assessment plans and goals;
  3. Designing data-collection approaches for college-wide assessment activities;
  4. Assisting academic programs, as well as other programs and units of the College, with designing assessment plans and designing data-collection methods;
  5. Reporting the assessment data back to the campus community in formats that facilitate data-driven continuous improvement.


The Director of Assessment, who is appointed by the Provost and serves as committee chair; eight faculty members (two from each division including the board liaison); the Director of Computing & Information Technology or his/her designate; the Vice President for Student Development or his/her designate; the Director of Alumni Relations; the Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, ex officio; a Divisional Academic Dean (appointed by the Provost); and two students (appointed by Student Congress).