2013 Graduate Survey

If you are a member of the Class of 2014, please take this year's survey today.

Hope graduates are educated to think about life’s most important issues with clarity, wisdom, and a deep understanding of the foundational commitments of the Christian faith. Graduates go on to do this at organizations, companies and graduate schools around the country and abroad.

Highlights from the Class of 2013

  • Over 90% of the Class of 2013 participated in experiential learning.
  • 54% of the class had at least one internship experience. 21% had more than one.
  • Of the members of the class that had an internship, 70% received academic credit. 39% of internships were paid.
  • 17% had a domestic off-campus study experience and 33% studied abroad.
  • 78% of those employed full-time are employed in their field of study.
  • The value of a Hope degree, academic major, and internship experience were cited as the top three factors contributing to employment.
  • 37% of all students reported that networking connections (often with alumni) helped them secure employment.

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