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Foundation Grant Name Year
Howard Hughes Biomedical Program Development of an Environmental General Chemistry Laboratory 1995
NSF-RUI (and P.A. DeYoung) Heavy-Ion Reaction Studies at Hope College 1995-1998
NSF-NSCL Preequilibrium Emission Systematics 1996
PEW Faculty Development Workshop 1996-1997
PEW PEW Short-term Consultation Grant 1997
Michigan Space Grant Consortium PIXE Spectroscopy Studies: Life in Extreme Environments 1997-1998
NSF-ILI The Introduction of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy into the General Chemistry Lab (co-PI Michael Seymour) 1998-1999
NSF-ILI Environmental Science Instrumentation for Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research 1998-1999
NSF-REU Research in Nuclear Physics with Undergraduates at Hope College 1998-2000
Environmental Protection Agency Phase II assessment of sediment containation in White Lake 2000
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Exploratory Study of the Interaction of Antimutagenic Agents with Antitumor Agents Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry(AMS) 1998-2000
EPA - Great Lakes Protection Fund PIXE technique to study metal and biological toxicity in situ in sediments 2001
NSF-MRI Acquisition of an ICP for environmental metals analysis and undergraduate training (co-PI with Mike Seymour) 2001-2003
NSF-RUI Radioactive Nuclear Beam Physics with Undergraduates at Hope College (co-PI with DeYoung) 2001-2004
NSF-MRI Acquisition of a Nuclear Microprobe System for Interdisciplinary Research and the Integration of Research and Undergraduate Education at Hope College. 2003-2006
NSF-RUI Multifaceted Opportunities in Nuclear Physics for Undergraduates at Hope College 2004-2007




Celebration of Undergraduate Research

Fundamental and Applied Nuclear Physics with Undergraduates



Chemistry REU Leadership Group

Cathodoluminescent Signatures of Neutron Irradiation




NSF REU SITE: Professional Excellence and Development in Science 2009-2012
MDEQ Development of an Alternative Sediment Sampling Method
in the Macatawa Watershed
MDEQ Sediment Fingerprinting in the Macatawa Watershed 2010-2012
NSF MRI-Consortium: Development of a Neutron Detector Array
by Undergraduate Research Students for Studies of Exotic Nuclei.
NSF RUI: Studies of Unstable Neutron-Rich Nuclei and Interdisciplinary Applications of Nuclear Physics with Undergraduates
NSF MRI-R2: Acquisition of Instrumentation to Determine
Provenance of Environmental Samples
ODC Lake Macatawa Water Quality Study 2011-2013
DOE Preparing for Harvesting Radioisotopes from FRIB 2011-2014
NSF REU Site: Achieving the Next Level: Research Experiences
for Underserved Populations
NSF RUI: Cutting-Edge Nuclear Physics Research (Collaborative and Interdisciplinary) at Hope College
USGS Citizen Monitoring of Chlorides in Water 2014-2015