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Teaching Philosophy - Dr. Graham Peaslee

“My teaching philosophy has evolved over time, but the principle is still the same: it doesn’t matter how well you teach, it matters how well they learn. I will make every effort to help students learn in my classroom or lab. I try to find relevance and connections in every topic that I teach, and I am always eager to learn more myself, including better ways to convey the material. I really love learning, which makes teaching a lot of fun…”

HOPE Award

Classes Taught by Dr. Peaslee:
General Chemistry I & II,
General Chemistry Lab I & II,
Physical Chemistry II,
Physical Chemistry Lab I & II,
Structures, Dynamics, Synthesis I,
Earth Environmental Systems I & II,
Lab Methods in Environmental Science,
Advanced Environmental Seminar,
Advanced Environmental Geochemistry,
GEMS: Atmosphere & Environmental Change,
College Physics I & II.

Teaching Schedule